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2016 Adult Learn to Sail a Keelboat Program

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(updated June 2, 2016)

adult sailing lessons

Learn to sail a keelboat in our adult sailing lessons

We are pleased to offer the 2016 version of our popular Adult Learn to Sail a Keelboat Program to those interested in learning to sail or improve their sailing skills through adult sailing lessons.

Beginning Monday, June 13th, the Adult Learn to Sail a Keelboat program is held every Monday for 4 weeks with the final session on Thursday July 7th.  This program covers content such as: boat etiquette, sailing terminology, knots, safety, basic boat handling and rules of the road. The fee for the program is $20 per session, $30 per couple, $90 for the full course, $150 per couple for the full course. Fees are waived for any boat owner who wants to use his/her own boat in the clinic.

All adult programs are led by certified and experienced sailors and will be on the water as much as possible. All Adult Learn to Sail programs begin at 5:30pm and run for 90-120 minutes depending on weather.  To register bring a completed registration form to class on the first evening you will be attending.  Following is the detailed weekly itinerary, which may change based on weather or student progress.

Monday, June 13 – Instructor Dean Baldwin (classroom session) – Basic seamanship, sailing & boat terminology, rules of the road, knots and applications, and more.

Monday, June 20 – Instructor Steve Cantwell (on the water session) – Roles of different crew members, launching and docking, getting underway and more.

Monday, June 27  – Instructor Steve Cantwell (on the water session) – Sailing your boat well: points of sail, sail shape & trim, mast & tuning, boat balance.

Monday, July 4 – Instructor Steve Cantwell (on the water session) – Sailing a course: Using knowledge acquired from previous sessions to sail from point A to point B.

Thursday, July 7 – Instructor Steve Cantwell (on the water session) – Review, practice, Q&A and more.

To reserve your space in adult sailing lessons contact: Steve Cantwell (902-371-1555) or