Fees and Rates

Senior Member Rates (Non Boat Owner)

Application Fee $10
Annual Dues$92 +HST
Couples Fee$138 +HST

Senior Member Rates (Boat Owner)

Senior Member rates become applicable from the date 1 year after the application for NYC membership is submitted, regardless of when the person becomes an approved member.

Description25ft or less (7.6m)33ft or less (10.1m)38ft or less (11.6M)45ft or less (13.7m)
Capital Imp. Fee (HST Exempt) $115.00 $115.00 $115.00 $115.00
Senior Membership $92.00 $92.00 $92.00 $92.00
Couples Membership $138.00 $138.00 $138.00 $138.00
Daily Wharfage * $9.25 $9.75 $10.40 $11.00
Seasonal Wharfage $506.00 $537.00 $569.00 $600.00
Lift In $207.00 $207.00 $207.00 $265.00
Lift out $207.00 $207.00 $207.00 $265.00
Summer Storage *** $265.00 $265.00 $345.00 $345.00
Winter Storage *** $230.00 $230.00 $288.00 $288.00
Guaranteed Berth Fee (Optional) ** $1,000.00 $1,000.00 $1,000.00 $1,000.00
Lift Operator Fee (HST Exempt) $45.00 $45.00 $45.00 $45.00
Ramp Fee Seasonal $30.00 $30.00N/AN/A

Effective: January 2019 (pdf)

* Daily Wharfage available to Reciprocal Yacht Club Members for up to 2 nights with proof of membership.
** Guaranteed Berth is optional with one time nonrefundable deposit of $1,000.00, seasonal rates still apply.

*** Please see note regarding summer and winter storage in Appendix C.

Non-Member & First Year Member Rates

Power/Water – Member/Non-Member

First Outlet per boat per dayIncluded
Second Outlet per boat per day$10
On Land (per outlet including the first one) per day$5
Water (Use Sparingly)Included

Wharfage – Non-Member & First Year Member

Less than 45ft (13.7m) Daily per foot$1.55
Less than 45ft (13.7m) Weekly per foot $7.80
Less than 45ft (13.7m) Monthly per foot $18
45ft (13.7m) to 250ft (76.2m) Daily per foot$4.20

Ramp Fee – Non-Member & First Year Member

Per Boat per Day$12

Lift – Non-Member & First Year Member

Less than 38ft (11.6m)$365
Less than 45ft (13.7m)$432
Lift operator fee (HST Exempt)$90

Storage – Non-Member & First Year Member

Winter less than 35 ft per boat$600
Summer less than 35 ft per boat$480
Winter greater than 35 ft per boat$840
Summer greater than 35 ft per boat$720


Hurricane/Storm Preparations

Other – Appendix A

  1. Storage area not cleaned up in 36 hours $50.00
  2. All Dues and capital improvement fees to be paid in full by 31 January
  3. Berth fees and lift-in fees to be paid in full before lift-in
  4. Winter storage fees and lift-out fees to be paid in full before lift-out
  5. Boats must have $2,000,000 third party liability insurance
  6. 48 hours notice to be provided for launch/haul-out
  7. Mast crane area 45 minutes maximum in duration
  8. Launch/haul-out requires three people, not including lift operator/spotter
  9. Winter storage applies to vessels on property after September 30.
  10. NYC boating season to run from May 15 – October 15 of each year
  11. Bottom cleaning will take place at the storage area of the vessel and not at lift
  12. Only members who have booked a time for lift with the wharves and slipways chair, shall be exempt from berthing/wharfage fees, in the event of lift repairs, to a maximum of five days
  13. The Chair of Wharves and Slipways or his/her representative will post within the NYC when the lift is out of service
  14. Members who own boats using the facilities will provide a valid insurance card prior to or at time of lift ticket purchase
  15. Boat owners who do not launch their boat will be contacted by the Wharves and Slipway Chair to insure insurance compliance
  16. Operator’s fee shall be paid at the time of lift ticket purchase at the bar.

Other – Appendix B

  1. Persons shall pay fee prior to use of ramp
  2. Persons including members/non-members shall leave their driver license with the bar when receiving the key for ramp.
  3. Commercial vendors using the slipway for hire shall pay a commercial rate for each use.
  4. A berth waiting list will be advertised and kept up to date by Chair of wharf
  5. Members are to maintain their respective cradles and or jacks in a safe manner. Boats not safely supported will be asked to remedy immediately or be refused service from the NYC.

Summer and Winter Storage- Appendix C

Boat owners who do not launch their boats in a given season will pay the regular posted fees for summer and winter storage for the first season. If their boat is not launched in the succeeding season, the rate for both summer and winter storage will increase by $100. If their boat is not launched for a consecutive third season, the rate for summer and winter storage will be double the rate paid the year prior. The rate in the fourth season for not launching will again double as will be the case for every year the boat remains on the hard at NYC.

In the event of exceptional circumstances such as during a pandemic, a damaged travel lift, etc., the Executive Committee may wave this clause in such a season or seasons by approving motion to do so.