Adult Learn-to-Sail

NYC is pleased to offer an adult Learn-to-Sail (LTS) program on Friday evenings throughout the summer season.

Registration and lesson one ashore will begin on Tuesday, June 4, at 1800 hours (6 pm) in the Sail Loft in the Junior Sailing facility.

Registration for members will be a donation to the NYC Junior Sailing/SailAble program and non-members wishing to register will be asked to become a member ($92 single or $138 couple plus HST).

In addition to 6-7 keel boats from NYC’s Race Fleet and an experienced skipper aboard each boat, there will be at least one certified coach and a coach/safety boat on the water for each session.

The program will offer on-the -water instruction and practice in basic boat handling and proper sail trim as participants rotate through various roles from helmsperson to crew member.

Prior to the first on-the-water session there will be two complete sessions ashore to prepare (topics to include safety, terminology, points of sail, knots, securing a boat to a dock, etc.).

Each evening, the on-the-water session will be followed by a debriefing session to review key points of the evening sail and to set objectives for the next session.

Participants are expected to come prepared for the on-the-water sessions with soft soled non-marking footwear, a DOT approved PFD, layered clothing, a hat, and/or sunscreen (suggest waiting until after the first ashore lesson for recommendations on PFDs).

Please see LTS Schedule for the season and a Registration Form containing Terms and Conditions attached.

Date LessonTime
Tuesday, June 4 2024Lesson 1 Ashore1800 hours
Tuesday, June 11 2024Lesson 2 Ashore1800 hours
Thursday, June 13 2024Lesson 3 Ashore1800 hours
Friday, June 21 2024Lesson 1 On-the-water1800 hours
Friday, June 28 2024Lesson 2 On-the-water1800 hours
Friday, July 5 2024Lesson 3 On-the-water1800 hours
Friday, July 19 2024Lesson 4 On-the-water1800 hours
Friday, August 16 2024Lesson 5 On-the-water1745 hours
Friday, August 23 2024Lesson 6 On-the-water1745 hours
Friday, August 30 2024Lesson 7 On-the-water1745 hours
Friday, September 6 2024Lesson 8 On-the-water1730 hours
Friday, September 13 2024Lesson 9 On-the-water1730 hours
Friday, September 20 2024Lesson 10 On-the-water1730 hours