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2018 registration will be open on May 16, 2018, from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm and May 17, 2018, from 7:00 pm-8:00 pm. Registration will take place upstairs in the junior sail building at NYC.  Fees will be 10 dollars per Sailable participant per sail.

 The Sail Able Program is designed to introduce those with physical or intellectual disabilities to the freedom and independence offered by the sport of sailing.  The program will be run during the day in conjunction with the Learn to Sail Program.  Our goal is to keep the costs of the program as minimal as possible; with that being said we are charging a very nominal fee of $10.00 per sail which would run between 1 ½ -2hrs in length.  We recommend participants register for a maximum of two sails per week.

The program operates two boats which have each been specifically designed to accommodate sailors with disabilities. We have an access dinghy, which is 2.3 metres in length and is designed for two people.sailAbleDinghy The boat is controlled with a joystick situated in the middle of the boat for easy access by both sailors, and is equipped with a high boom to prevent anyone from getting struck by it as it swings across.

freedomIndependenceThe other boat we operate is a 20 ft long Freedom Independence keel boat; this boat is equipped with a self tacking jib for ease of use, as well as a lead keel to prevent the boat from capsizing. The boat is designed for two people with limited mobility. Participants sit in specially designed chairs which lock in place and have a lead weight attached to each of them deep in the hull of the boat.  The weights allow the chairs to pivot from one side of the boat to the other when the boat changes direction.

Program Partners

Special thanks to our program partners.  This initiative could not have been launched without the generosity and support of organizations such as the Rotary Club of North Sydney and the Canadian Paraplegic Association.



Sailors aren’t afraid of a little rain in these photos pictured from 2012.
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Our entire facility is wheelchair accessible including the ramp down to the dock.  We are also equipped with a lift mechanism mounted into the dock to allow those with limited mobility to be assisted in and out of the boats.  The lift is designed with a comfortable harness to ensure the user is properly supported during transport.

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