Hurricane/Storm Policy

Preparations for a HURRICANE / Tropical Storm

The NYC Flag Officers will monitor Environment Canada’s:

Canadian Hurricane Centre — Link

Weather Office – Link

The Flag Officers will make their decisions based on the information provided by these governmental agencies. In the case of a hurricane or tropical storm, they will monitor as far in advance of an approaching storm as possible while not incurring unnecessary false alarms. Recognizing that storm tracks and weather systems change from day to day and hourly, therefore it is difficult for forecasters to be certain where a storm will hit precisely, storms are typically monitored for much longer time periods and it is not until the 24 to 48 hour period when the predicting accuracy reaches high confidence levels for the public to take the tracks seriously.

If a hurricane or tropical storm is possible, within 36 – 48 hours advance, the Commodore will update the NYC web site and have the Club put on a watch. If it is probable, then at 24 hours, the Club will be put on an alert.

For a Watch, owners should monitor the on-coming system and prepare accordingly. Some items for consideration.

  • Owners of vessels have several choices:
    • Leave the marina system and find shelter elsewhere;
    • Go to an anchorage; or
    • Come or be taken out of the water, by travel lift or trailer.

NYC will attempt to oblige all members who wish to have their vessel hauled. Time / weather restraints may not allow all those who wish to be hauled to be hauled.

  • Add proper diameter lines to your vessels. For a 25’ boat, ⅜” in line is barely a minimum, if this is your case, you should double or even triple your lines
  • Add chafing gear, i.e. garden hose, canvass etc…
  • Close all thru hulls
  • Close fuel lines
  • Sail boaters – remove sails, drop and secure or remove boom, remove bimini or dodger

For an Alert, the club will be opened and manned from members of the executive and a volunteer base. This core group will monitor the situation for insurance purposes and provide assistance should the club require it.